Will these work with any cochlear implant processor?

The processor shown in most of the demo pictures is Cochlear's N5. The shape of Cochlear processors are similar to Advanced Bionics's; these would benefit from 2 loops, one above and one below the coil. MED-EL's processor is bottom heavy, and would probably be fine with just one loop below the coil cable.


One loop or two?

You can try your headband with two loops or one loop per side and determine your preference. Loops are not fixed and can be cut off as desired. I find that the top loop helps keep the processor from turning outwards. It is up to you!


Will these work for hearing aids?

Many customers purchase these for hearing aids, but only one loop may be necessary for each hearing aid since they are much smaller than a CI processor. You will be able to cut off any extra loops yourself. 


Are these also for adults?

Many adults buy these, sometimes to relieve the pressure on the ear, or for physical activities and they want extra security. Adults may want to select size 54-55cm as these are very stretchy headbands.


What are the cleaning and care instructions?

Elastic headbands are hand-sewn using fold over elastic. Wash in a sweater or lingerie bag, or handwash with mild detergent in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

Swim headbands are made out of 100% neoprene, similar to wetsuit material. After use, rinse with cool clean water and lay flat to dry (not in direct sun).


Can I choose my own colors for the 3-Pack Bundles?

Only the bundles currently listed are available at the special value price. A limited number of bundles are released each month. 


Do you accept returns or issue refunds?

I am unable to accept returns due to the nature of this handmade, made-to-order product. If you are a new customer, please measure first! I also recommend not ordering more than one or two items in your initial order to determine which size is the best fit. 

However, if an error was made by me, I will refund the items affected including shipping. 


Safety Warning and Disclaimers

Small children should not be left unattended with these products and adult supervision is always recommended since they may become loose. Elastics could cause strangulation if misused or if the child is left unattended. Please remove headband when putting your child down to sleep.

Headbands for Sophia is not affiliated with or endorsed by Cochlear or any other hearing device manufacturer. By purchasing headbands from this store, the buyer assumes all responsibility for its use and agrees that Headbands for Sophia is not liable for any damages of any kind related to use of its products.